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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Little "Thank-You" - Part One

One of the easiest ways to show appreciation is by a simple “Thank You!” It is easy to say “Thank you” when we receive a gift, but what about on an every-day basis: for Mom making our dinner, for little sister bringing us our books, or for Dad treating us to a special dessert? “Thank you’s” do not have to be limited at all! If you ask a sibling to do something for you, it should be followed by a “thank you” – even if it is something they should do anyway (like brother taking out the trash). A “thank you” should especially come if your sibling does something for you that you didn’t ask them to do!

You do not have to limit your appreciation to “thank you.” Be creative! My cousin delights her younger brothers by playfully adding, “You’re such the gentleman!” or “I’ll love you forever!” or saying, “Thanks a million!”

“Thank you.” It is something so easy to say, yet so many people forget to acknowledge the other person’s kind deed. Have you told someone “thank you” today?


Shannon said...

What a sweet reminder. How that little word can mean so much....:)

In Christ,


That is such a good post, and so very true. I have realized this past week that I have been slacking in my manners.

Lydia said...

That is so true, I think that half the time people don't thank someone for what they have done. This discourages them from doing something else for that person. The creative ways of saying thank you are a great idea, I think that I will try them!


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