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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Recipe: Cheeseburger Mac

Shared by Kate (read her blog: Better Off)

The ingredient list:
   ~1 pound of hamburger
   ~red pepper/salt
   ~2 cups of water
   ~2 cups of macoroni noodles
   ~3 cups of cheese
   ~1 jar of pasta sauce [about two cups]

1) The first step is to put your hamburger into the pan and cook completely, at about medium. Salt and pepper to taste.

All photography by Kate, used by permission

2) Once cooked, chop it up a little in the pan. It should look like this:

3) Add the two cups of macaroni and the two cups of water.

4) Stir together and cover for about 5 minutes, or until the water is all cooked. This makes the noodles soft and yummy.

5) Add the sauce and three cups of cheese.

6) Stir it together.

7) I served this up with fresh watermelon and fresh vegetables.

8) You know the drill. ‘Enjoy’!!!

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