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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Supper Solution

By Guest Writer, Amanda T. (read about her here)

Too often, we girls are sitting around the living room in bewilderment, tussling with the ever-present question, “What shall we eat?” Time gets later, and still no supper is on the table. Good ideas fly with, “We don’t have __________.” Of course we eventually scrounge through our odds-and-ends and find something . . . but our minds sometimes get tired with the puzzle of no menu.

Then up comes the suggestion, “Let’s find something on All-Recipes!” and to the computer we go. is a site my oldest sister found several years ago, and our family has greatly benefited from it (Though it does not always solve our problems :). My favorite tool is “ingredients,” where we can type in a list of things we have and a list of things we do not have. The computer will pull up any recipes on their site containing (or not containing) those ingredients. Previous consumers have rated the recipes and some have added helpful comments which all aid in our decision whether we want to experiment or not.

To enjoy this helpful tool, one does not have to be a member or pay anything, which is the best facet. Just go to and you are well on your way to finding your supper.

Do you enjoy baking? Share your recipe or tip (with or without a picture) and be featured on "Bake on Wednesday" at Rubies Like Ruth. There is only one Wednesday left of this feature!

1 comment:

Miriam said...

Wow...what a neat website! Thanks for sharing! It sounds like it would really help!!!

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