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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Recipe: Parfaits

By Guest Writer Aldona Barron

With summer coming on, many of us girls are looking for a cool, easy snack to make. Something fun that I have discovered is making parfaits. This layered dish can be a simple, healthy snack or a gourmet dessert. It all depends on what you put in it.

For healthy parfaits, simply layer fresh fruit and yogurt in a parfait dish or drinking glass. If you choose, granola or nuts may be added for a nice crunch. Eat the parfait just like it is, or place it in the freezer a couple of hours for a frozen snack.

If you wish to make a dessert parfait, layer things such as ice cream, crushed cookies, chocolate syrup, nuts, etc. Top with whipped cream and other garnishes for a truly gourmet look.

Parfaits are a fun and simple project. Berries, fruit, nuts, spices, and different yogurt flavors…the possibilities are endless! I’ve even tried cooked and mashed sweet-potatoes layered with cinnamon-sugar, all-spice and vanilla yogurt! After freezing, it tasted like a frozen pumpkin pie, only with sweet-potatoes rather than pumpkin! So, be creative! Try things out! And have fun!

{Sweet Potato Parfait}

{Strawberry Parfait}

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Aldona Barron is an almost-home-school-graduate who enjoys singing, experimenting in the kitchen, drawing, and other interesting things. She is a Christians young woman who is seeking to know Christ more and more, trying to please Him in all that she does and says.
View one of her drawings here.
Pictures of parfaits were taken by Aldona's sister.

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